Whitening Secrets

Tooth Whitening Secrets: Achieve a Dazzling Smile with Home Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening Secrets aims to educate you about the effectiveness of various home tooth whitening systems that are available. Learn about the difference between home tooth whitening systems and expensive in-office dentist treatments. Discover the myths of tooth whitening: safety, efficiency, and so on. Learn about the importance of tooth whitening in  your dress for success strategy so that you can increase the wow factor in your first impressions - whether you're at a business presentation, a job interview or out on a hot date.

Why A Lens On Home Tooth Whitening? 

What's So Important About Tooth Whitening And Personal Image?

Tooth whitening is becoming more and more common these days as people, for a variety of reasons, become more and more concerned about the way they look. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), research reveals that 74% of survey respondents feel that an unattractive smile can hurt their chances of success in their careers. Further, a staggering 99.7% of those surveyed voiced that a perfectly good smile was an important social asset.

If this is not enough to convince you that tooth whitening is serious business, studies conducted by Beall Research & Training of Chicago (as requested by AACD) shows that other people preview people with great smiles as "more successful and intelligent." Talk about making a winning first impression!

So I have started this lens to help you decide whether you should whiten your teeth or not. To help you find out more about the way that the various methods of tooth whitening work. And, hopefully, to find the answers to a variety of other questions about tooth whitening that I am sure you have. Like: "are there any side effects?" And: "if so, how can I avoid them?"

First Impressions Are Vital & You've Got Four Seconds To Make A Good One. 

It's vital that you make a good first impression in whatever you do. That first four seconds leaves a lasting impression that can help or hinder your success in life and career. In some careers, like modeling, it is obvious that the way you present yourself makes a huge difference to your success. Even with management and corporate jobs, you must be well groomed to look successful. So, to be successful you must look successful.

For instance, think of the difference in respect given to two managers. One dresses smartly, is well groomed with a dazzling white smile, the other is, to put it simply, a slob. It's obvious the first gets a lot more respect and people will listen to his or her advice. This is often referred to as the 'halo effect'- people assume that a person who looks great is totally good in character and abilities. It's just the same with you, look good and people are far more likely to want to help you and give you what you want.

What Stains Your Teeth? 

With our modern lifestyle the most common teeth stainers are smoking, coffee, tea, dark berries, pomegranate, juices, sodas, and red wine. If your teeth are discolored or stained, your smile is not as dazzling, the energy you give off not as radiant and this affects every aspect of your life: your relationships, your career, your well-being.

Our modern lifestyle also puts a high premium on good looks and 'presentability'. And therefore there is a high demand for tooth whitening. When you get up in the morning you like to see a bright smile in the mirror not a visage from a horror movie! Well, all that is about to end as you embrace tooth bleaching as the solution to your discolored teeth problems.

So Why YOU Have Chosen Tooth Whitening? 

We all have different motivations for pursuing tooth whitening solutions. Some are looking to achieve better results in their career and relationships. Some are looking to minimize stains from lifestyle choices that they have made. Share with us YOUR reason for taking this route.

There are many reasons people want whiter teeth


Are All Tooth Whitening Products Created Equal? 

Nearly all forms of tooth whitening carried out today are in fact tooth bleaching. This is so whether you have professional tooth whitening done by a dentist, use a home tooth bleaching kit or use a paint-on tooth whitening product.

And nearly all forms of tooth bleaching are carried out using a peroxide bleaching process. The actual substance might be hydrogen peroxide, or carbamide peroxide, or sodium percarbonate peroxide. But the process is basically the same.

The concentration of the substance in the gel or paint varies as well. This is because the different substances have different strengths in regards to their tooth whitening power. And also the different concentrations give different rates of response. For instance if you want a quicker whitening process, the concentration should be greater.

How Does Home Tooth Whitening Actually Work? 

Home tooth bleaching works through the use of a whitening agent that is applied directly on your teeth. Once this whitening agent is applied, a chemical reaction occurs deep in your teeth's enamel, breaking down the organic deposits responsible for the staining on your teeth so you can imagine the importance of the whitening agent used in the tooth whitening kit.

This oxidation process takes time to carry out its work and therefore there are various methods for holding the tooth whitening gel on the teeth to allow this to happen. One of the most effective methods of holding the gel in place is with what are called tooth whitening trays.

Who Uses Tooth Whitening Trays? 

These trays are the preferred method of dentists and of several home tooth whitening systems. The trays are made specially to fit your teeth using moulds taken from your teeth. The bleaching gel is then added to the trays and the trays put into place around your teeth for the tooth bleaching to take place.

Dentists tend to use stronger concentrations of peroxide in the gel. This is because the gel is applied under stricter control in the dental office and for a shorter time than is the case of a home tooth whitening kit.

It's up to you which system you chose. Just remember that home tooth whitening is a fraction of the cost of tooth bleaching at dentist

Does Tooth Whitening Harm Teeth? 

And What Are The Differences Between Home Tooth Whitening Kits And Dentists In-Office Tooth Whitening?

At home whitening and office whitening both work.Neither harms the teeth when used properly in accordance with the products instructions.

The bleaching action of the peroxide gel works on the stains and so leaves the enamel alone and doesn't harm the structure of the teeth.

Follow the instructions and all will be well. The only problems come if you don't use your home tooth whitening kit in accordance with the instructions. Even then it is hard to do damage to your teeth or gums. If you do, it should repair itself if you stop using your home tooth whitening tray for a while.

Remember, you should always check with your dentist if the problem doesn't clear up quickly.

Which Is More Cost Effective - Home Tooth Whitening Or Tooth Bleaching By A Dentist? 

It's hard too believe that tooth bleaching by a Dentist is worth so much more than home tooth whitening. You know, to get tooth whitening done by a dentist costs between US$600 to US$1,500 per session, while a home tooth whitening kit will only cost you US$159 or less.

Consider this: most dentists use the same tooth bleaching agent as is in most home tooth whitening kits - that is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Furthermore, you're more likely to get side effects like gum sensitivity from the higher concentration of the whitening agent used by the dentist. With at-home tooth whitening, you can minimize these side effects by using a lower concentration of tooth whitening gel over a slightly longer period of time to achieve the same whitening results. It seems obvious that home teeth whitening is the better solution to getting a brilliant smile-without draining your bank account.

What Side Effects Can I Expect From Home Tooth Whitening? 

The answer to that is, hopefully, you'll have no side effects with the careful use of your home tooth whitening kit. However there can be side effects but with the low concentration of peroxide in the home tooth whitening gel they tend to be slight.

The two most common side effects of tooth whitening are: tooth sensitivity to hot and cold and; gum irritation. There have been other side effects like sore throat, tooth pain and headaches but they don't occur very often.

What To Do About Temperature Sensitivity From Tooth Whitening? 

Temperature sensitivity is the most common side effect of home tooth whitening. About half of all people who have tooth whitening done will have some increased sensitivity to heat and cold, but usually this is mild.

But this is less common with the lower concentration of peroxide in the home tooth whitening gel as compared with the concentration used in the dental clinic.

The solution is to lessen the time of use of the tooth bleaching kit. This can be done by, for instance, using the home tooth whitening trays for fewer hours per day or only on every other day. This usually reduces the level of sensitivity. It's only in the very worst case that you might have to give up home tooth whitening altogether.

What About Gum Irritation From Home Tooth Whitening? 

Gum irritation from home tooth whitening is usually caused by getting excess tooth whitening gel onto the gums. This shouldn't happen with the better home tooth whitening kits as the specially made tooth whitening trays are designed and made to help prevent this from happening.

However, no matter how well the tooth whitening trays are made, some tooth whitening gel can spread onto the gums. The best solution is to make sure, that once you have fitted your tray, you wipe away any excess gel with either your finger or a tooth brush. Unless you don't have specially made tooth whitening trays this should be all that is necessary.

What Are The Choices For Home Tooth Whitening? 

Just how many different types of home tooth whitening products are there? Well let's see. There's tooth whitening tooth pastes. There's tooth whitening strips. There's paint on tooth whitening products. And there's tooth whitening tray and gel products. So that's four basic types of product. But which is the best tooth whitening system? Let's look at each in turn.

Home Tooth Whitening Toothpastes
First cab off the rank is home tooth whitening toothpastes. These are toothpastes that you use instead of your normal toothpaste. So you would generally use them twice a day every day. They contain a tooth whitening substance, usually a peroxide compound like carbamide peroxide.

As the peroxide doesn't stay in contact with your teeth for long, it is fairly ineffective. It probably will whiten your teeth slowly over a fairly long period. But it is a relatively inexpensive method.

Home Tooth Whitening Strips
Next we have home tooth whitening strips which are strips that are impregnated with a tooth whitening gel that has a peroxide in it to do the bleaching of your teeth. Again, like the toothpastes, they are relatively inexpensive.

But, again like the toothpastes the home tooth whitening strips don't do a very good job. When you apply them to your teeth they cannot follow all the contours. This means the bleach misses places like the edges between your teeth. This leads to an effect called tooth striping which looks rather strange.

Paint On Home Tooth Whitening Gel
The paint on home tooth whitening gel is a more effective solution than the previous two. This is because you can cover all surfaces of your teeth and it stays on for longer which gives the peroxide time to work. But the gel is not protected from your saliva and therefore washes off and ends up in your stomach. Yech!

Home Tooth Whitening Tray & Gel Kits
These are the better type of home tooth whitening kit. They are made up of tooth whitening trays which hold the gel snugly around your teeth allowing it to be in contact with all surfaces without irritating your gums.

The best kits have trays that are custom made from moulds that you make of your teeth and send off to a lab. These give the best fit and the least irritation of your gums due to the least seepage of gel. They also make the most economical use of the tooth whitening gel.

I've Decided, I Need Tooth Whitening But Which Home Tooth Whitening Kit Do I Get? 

So, you've looked at yourself in the mirror. And you've thought about how important it is to make a really good first impression. And you think that to make that good impression you need to smarten up your smile. And to do that you need to get some tooth whitening.

But, where to go and what to do? What is the best home tooth whitening kit to get and where do you get it from?

5 Points To Consider When Buying A Tooth Whitening Kit.

1) Is the whitening compound in your kit the same as dentists use?

The tooth bleaching substance is the heart of your home tooth whitening kit. It is the compound that goes deep into your tooth enamel and oxidizes and bleaches the stains while leaving the enamel unharmed. Dentists use the best and safest substances, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

It is therefore important to only buy a kit that uses one of these two substances.

1) How concentrated is the tooth whitening gel?

The concentration of the tooth whitening substance is important as the stronger the concentration the quicker your teeth are whitened. But at the same time the likelihood of side effects like gum irritation increases as the concentration increases. It's best to go for concentrations of carbamide peroxide of between 16% and 22%.

3) Does the kit supply you with whitening trays that are custom fitted to your teeth?

Unless the tooth whitening trays fit your teeth like a glove, you are likely to get gum irritation from leaking gel and patchily whitened teeth. But if your trays are made by dental technicians from moulds made from your teeth, you'll have none of these problems. Make sure your kit supplies custom fitted tooth whitening trays.

4) Is the kit supplier a good company? And what happens if you want supplies when you're in a different country?

The security of knowing that you are buying from a good company is really important. As is the knowledge that you will get customer service when and where you want it and in your native language. So make sure that you check out the company before you buy from them.

You also want to know that you can get supplies if you are off traveling and in a different country. You need a company that has a truly worldwide network of dental laboratories.

5) Is there a money back guarantee? If not, why buy?

If a company has faith in their product they will be prepared to give a good money back guarantee. If not, they have no faith in their product.